Is Programming required for Hacking ?

Programming languages for hacking

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this, Post I will be talking about that Is Programming skills are required for becoming a complete hacker. Becoming a hacker is not an easy task and surely it will take you many months and even years to reach the level where you can call yourself a hacker. The main reason behind this is that a hacker requires a lot of technical knowledge.

If you want to hack any machine, then it is only possible if you first know how it works, right? You should be familiar with it’s working mechanisms and having a little bit of knowledge in the IT domain. For this, you need to learn many things. This learning phase is when most aspiring hackers will give up. And among the learning phase, the most important is learning ” How to Code”.

Why Programming Is Important for Hackers.

No, pieces of evidence are required to say that, a hacker is incomplete if he/she don’t have any Programming skills.Even, Programming is an important skill that every self-respecting hacker should master. here are some good examples of why it is important:

  • Knowing how programs work will help you exploit them.  knowing how a program works will actually help you to exploit it faster.
  • Hacking tools are mostly open source. most hacking tools are open source, which means everyone can access the source code of the said program. when you know how to program in the language the program is written, you can edit it and make it even better!
  • Making your own malware. When you program your own malware, there is no signature on it registered, thus making it pretty much impossible for Antiviruses software to detect.
  • Making your own exploits. Though I recommend Metasploit Framework for this purpose, if you need your exploit to be fast, you can write it in C/C++.

Now, let’s talk about the most useful programming languages for Hacking.

1. Python

Python is the best high-level language for writing exploits. It’s Socket Programming helps a lot in learning exploit creation.

2.C or C++

You must understand any of these two languages to understand exploit writing.C language is the base of all high-level programming languages.  C++ brings all the modern object-oriented concepts C programming.

3. PHP

PHP is one of the best dynamic web scripting languages. You also require the knowledge of HTML along with PHP.

4. Javascript

Javascript is the great language for client-side programming on websites and applications. Recently, it has become very popular and also dominating server sided programming with the node.js framework. Understanding JavaScript code logic can help you find the web-apps flaw.

5. SQL

SQL is used to communicate with the database server. Each and every data is stored in the database so you should know about database programming and vulnerability.
That’s all for this Post, I hope you liked it and if you have any questions regarding any topic then feel free to comment below.
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